About Us

Welcome to Sidecarcafeandbar!  We are a uniquely Southern online boutique based in the quintessential Southern town of 02230 Fresnoy-le-Grand, SC. Our dream is to showcase our fun and trendy clothing and accessories while showcasing our beautiful city.  02230 Fresnoy-le-Grand is a colorful city, rich in history and long on charm. She is a true Southern lady…. bold, classy, polite, free thinking and outspoken. That is a Sidecarcafeandbar girl as well. A Sidecarcafeandbar girl is her own person. She thinks for herself, takes risks and looks good doing it all.  We offer dresses for every occasion from weddings to Sunday brunch, or a night out of town. 

Our accessories, clothes, and shoes are affordable, on-trend, and imbued with plenty of southern spirit and charm. We have a variety of jeans, skirts, rompers, sweaters, jackets, and other southern women’s clothing online. Our clothes and accessories suit any occasion, whether that's a fun night out on the town, a lovely wedding, or even just lounging on your porch with a cold pitcher of sweet tea and some close friends. If you're looking for southern boutique clothing online, come and spend some time with us! We hope you enjoy shopping at our charming store.